Berlin’s Industrial Heart Saves Infant’s Life at Prince Sultan Center

Innovative Surgery at Prince Sultan Center

The Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Disease and Surgery, has achieved a remarkable milestone. It successfully implanted an artificial “Berlin Heart” in a young infant facing a critical situation.

Innovative Surgery at Prince Sultan Center

The child, afflicted with a hereditary condition affecting the heart muscle, found hope through this cutting-edge intervention. This procedure serves as a bridge, a temporary yet lifesaving solution, as medical professionals eagerly search for a heart donor.

The child’s particular needs, given her weight of less than 4.6 kg, add complexity to finding a suitable match.

Berlin Heart: Lifesaving Pump

Crafted with precision and care, the Berlin Heart stands as a testament to human ingenuity and compassion. Developed by a dedicated team of surgeons at the German Heart Center, this device was born from a collaboration with a leading company known for its advanced medical devices located in Berlin.

Moreover, the Berlin Heart functions based on the VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) system, a sophisticated technology designed to support or replace the heart’s pumping function.

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Evolution, Enhancement of Berlin Heart

Since its initial development, the Berlin Heart has undergone extensive enhancements, especially by the end of 1996. Known for a time as Berlin Hearingcori, the device saw improvements in its pump mechanism, making it more efficient and reliable for patients in need.

Additionally, these advancements have not only increased the operational specifications of the Berlin Heart but have also expanded its potential to save lives.

Milestone in Cardiac Surgery, Medical Device Innovation

The successful implementation of such a device in an infant at the Prince Sultan Center showcases the incredible strides being made in the field of cardiac surgery and medical device innovation. This achievement underscores the importance of international collaboration and the relentless pursuit of medical excellence.

Lifesaving Role of Artificial Organs

It highlights the critical role of artificial organs in providing a lifeline to those with severe cardiac conditions, especially when natural donor matches are not immediately available.

The story of the Berlin Heart and its application in saving the life of an infant at the Prince Sultan Center is a beacon of hope and a remarkable example of the advances in medical science and technology.


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