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A Saudi Man Photographs Snow-Covered Mountains in Abha, KSA

Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and specifically the Asir area, witnessed significantly low temperatures accompanied by heavy rains and hail, creating charming scenes of white-covered mountains, fields, and highways.
The lens of the Saudi photographer, Majid Al-Qahtani, documented photos and aerial videos showing the areas of snowfall northwest of the city of Abha in the Asir region, which were covered in white.
The Saudi photographer explains that he is interested in documenting the climatic events that the region has been going through and their variables for five years, especially in the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula.
The Asir region in Saudi Arabia is considered one of the rainy areas most of the year, which stimulates monitoring of weather conditions, according to Al-Qahtani.
Regarding his description of the scenes of mountains, farms and roads that were covered in a white blanket of cold, Al-Qahtani said: “Whatever you describe the scene, the footage will not fulfill its right, so what the eye saw will not describe it as a picture or video clip as much as someone who lived reality.”
Al-Qahtani explains that in order to document such atmospheres, chasers of rain and thunderstorms need a good number of cameras, the most important of which is “drones,” which are distinguished by their ability to capture special angles that produce amazing scenes that please the eye.

Concerning the reactions he received about documenting the scene with pictures, Al-Qahtani says that it exceeded expectations, especially from the local population, who expressed their appreciation for documenting this atmosphere at the Tabab Center.
According to what was reported by the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the people of the city of Abha and the centers of Tabb and Al-Souda in Asir region happily welcomed the heavy cold, amid the smiles of children and the interaction of parents.
The rain associated with hail was concentrated on Sarawat in the Asir region, such as the Al-Souda and Tabib centers and the Bayhan center in Balahmar, in addition to the Al-Mahalla neighborhood in Abha, and large parts of the Khamis Mushayt and Tanuma governorates.

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