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Visual Arts Authority Hosts Photography Award Exhibition 2024

The Visual Arts Authority has organized the Kingdom Photography Award Exhibition 2024 in the Jameel District of Jeddah city. The exhibition showcases a collection of distinguished photographs that highlight the beauty and rich history of the Al-Ahsa region. It will continue until March 2nd of the coming year.

Celebrating Al-Ahsa’s Essence

Titled “Al-Ahsa, Our Beauty,” the exhibition resonates with a cultural adage, highlighting Al-Ahsa’s place in the hearts of its inhabitants. It unveils the area’s natural wonders, cultural richness, and the deep connections among its people. The display spans Al-Ahsa’s culinary delights, its tradition of hospitality, and the vibrancy of daily life.

Display of Exceptional Talent

Highlighting the achievements of the second Kingdom Photography Award, this exhibition presents the exceptional work of five distinguished photographers. Their images craft a vivid narrative, celebrating artistic ingenuity from across the world.

Diverse Photographic Challenges

The competition welcomed entries in several compelling categories, including “Underwater Photography,” “Coastline and Nature Photography,” and “Urban Environment Photography.” This diversity encouraged photographers to capture the Kingdom’s allure through innovative perspectives.

Gathering for Creativity

This unique exhibition extends an open invitation to art lovers and photography aficionados. It promises a visual odyssey through Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscapes, seen through the eyes of international photographic talents.

هيئة الفنون البصرية تفتتح اليوم معرض جائزة المملكة الفوتوغرافية 2022 في جدة · صحيفة سهم الالكترونية

 Insightful Experience Awaits

Visitors to the exhibition can expect more than just a viewing experience. Interactive sessions, talks by the photographers, and workshops aim to deepen the understanding of photographic arts. It’s a celebration not just of Al-Ahsa’s beauty, but of the storytelling power of photography.

Must-Visit Event

For those passionate about art, culture, and the narrative of landscapes, the Kingdom Photography Award Exhibition 2024 in Jeddah is an unmissable event. It’s a testament to the enduring beauty of Al-Ahsa and the creative spirit of photographers worldwide.


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