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A French photographer collects 50 years of Saudi history inside a book

With great feelings expressing his love for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a French photographer told the story of his association with the Kingdom.


He expressed his adoration and love for the people of Najran, saying that he would like to bury part of it after his death in the Najran Valley.


The photographer, Chekov Minoza, said that he feels as if he is a Najrani who belongs to the Yam tribe.


Government Communication’s video


He also affirmed his love for the Kingdom, during a video clip published by the “Government Communication” account.


The French photographer indicated that he had spent more than 10 years in Najran.


He explained that the story of his association with Najran began in 1977, documenting with his lens a number of Najran regions.


Minoza confirmed that he documented about 150,000 photos of the Kingdom with his lens, and he memorizes all of them.


He also noted that when he saw Najran, he decided that he would write a book about this place.


Chekov reviewed what his lens captured from places, including Mada’in Saleh in the seventies.

He described his departure from the Kingdom and his return to it, as a return to true friends and the homeland.

Tweeters’ interactions with the photographer


many tweeters interacted vividly and widely with the photographer’s clip.

Ibrahim Al-Makrami tweeted: “Checkov Minoza, the Frenchman who came to Najran and wrote a book called “Najran, Bride of the Empty Quarter.”


The book was a collection of deep old photographs, and Chekov printed them luxuriously.


He added, “We are happy to see you after such a long period of time,

We still circulate many pictures to this day he said.

the government placed these pictures in tourist and heritage brochures.

Tweeter Ali said that this French photographer was in the hospitality of my father when he first entered Najran.


He added that they were financially supported to encourage them to present our country in its best form to the world.

While social media activists thanked him for this affiliation and sincere feelings for the Kingdom and Najran in particular.

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