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Egyptian-Saudi relations are “firm”: Saudi Political Researcher

The Saudi political researcher and journalist, Mohammed Al-Said, revealed the strength of Egyptian-Saudi relations, as he stated that the relations between the two countries are governed by constants

He added that “no country can act or lead a conspiracy against the other, regardless of differences in viewpoints or on some other files, as happens in other countries due to the firm relations.”


He explained that the relations between the two countries are solid, as the two countries cannot harm each other, and they never engage in any conspiracies.


There are red lines that Egypt and Saudi Arabia are working to protect.


He added, during a telephone conversation on the “Cairo News” screen, via the “Zoom” feature, that Egypt and Saudi Arabia know that they have specific relations, and destinies and they work together to prevent any foreign interference.


“The Saudi political researcher pointed out that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the main wings of the Arab nation.


Anyone who says otherwise is wrong about his nation. Each of the two countries is a strategic phenomenon in the region.


Without Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the Arab world would have been divided and fragmented. Both two countries brought down the plan of “the Arab Spring“, which wanted to demolish the Arab wall, divide and fragment the Arab countries, and turn their people into homeless people.


He continued, “The Arab world cannot progress without the cooperation of the two great countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


“The nature and destiny of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are that strategic cohesion cannot be broken”. He added.

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