A 5.5-magnitude earthquake hits central Turkey

The Turkish “Kandili” Earthquake Monitoring Center reported (Saturday) that an earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale struck the Niğde region, located in the Anatolia region of Turkey.


The center said that the epicenter of the quake was in Bor province, about 350 km west of the Turkish-Syrian border area, which was affected by the quake.


This comes two and a half weeks after the violent earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, claiming the lives of more than fifty thousand people.


The Turkish Disaster Agency (AFAD) said, Friday, that Turkey alone recorded 44,218 deaths. While 5,900 deaths were reported recently in Syria.


The series of earthquakes began on the sixth of February when two earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 shook southeastern Turkey and northern Syria, and shortly after another earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck the region, then more than 9,000 aftershocks followed, according to Turkish sources.


The worst earthquake



According to the UN, the earthquake disaster was not only the worst in Turkey’s history in terms of the death toll, but also in terms of the amount of debris.


Louisa Fenton, the UNDP representative in Turkey, said the mountains of rubble were unprecedented.


According to the Turkish government, more than 173,000 buildings have been recorded to have collapsed or been severely damaged.


In Turkey, eleven provinces were affected by the earthquakes, while in Syria, the northwest of the country was affected.

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