“Lady of Atlas”, “Beloved” of Globe in Boulevard World



Boulevard World is a seasonal entertainment zone, providing its guests the joy of discovering many cultures and civilizations across the world. It offers visitors a special tour to enjoy clothing designs, cuisine, and prominent landmarks. One of the amazing zones is the Moroccan zone where visitors can wander through the streets of Morocco without the need for travel hassle.


Details about Moroccan Area  


The Moroccan area is full of elegance and creativity. Notably, it serves as a stage for Moroccan women to showcase their products and unique skills. It is also a showcase for designers to display their Atlas-inspired adornments. Additionally, the area offers a corner dedicated to Moroccan cuisine welcoming enthusiasts of these experiences.


Boulevard World’s Activities

Notably, Boulevard World witnessed other activities and has other interesting areas such as the Mexican area. In this area, Mexican hats attracted the visitors with their colorful designs. The Mexican area has a wide variety of architectural styles that capture the spirit and surroundings of the national landmark.

Moreover, it offers cable cars to roam Riyadh’s sky exploring Global Wonders. The cable cars allow visitors to enjoy a magnificent perspective of some of the most popular tourist spots on the globe. For example, visitors can see the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza, and Arc de Triomphe from Paris, and the pyramid of Chichen Itza.


Boulevard World

Boulevard World, one of the highlights of Riyadh Season, continues to delight visitors with a journey through various Eastern and Western cultures. It allows them to travel without a visa to enjoy the most prominent landmarks. It’s worth noting that it features 20 sub-zones, including a global section showcasing various cultures. Moreover, it has 14 entertainment games, 24 skill-based games. Additionally, it has approximately 200 food and beverage outlets, and 621 stores selling various goods from around the world.


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