US researcher highlights benefits of Camel Milk

Despite its recent popularity, some people may be unaware of camel milk’s vital nutritional value, particularly because it includes many vitamins and minerals that the body needs, as well as the fact that it fights a variety of ailments.

No one can deny that camel milk is used to cure a variety of illnesses, including cancer. It is high in phosphorous, which helps to increase immunity. It helps diabetics lower their blood sugar levels. It is essential for the protection of the heart and blood vessels. It aids in the treatment of hepatitis C, a deadly virus that poses a serious risk to human health. It contains a variety of vitamins that defend the body against the viruses and bacteria that afflict it regularly. It helps with diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal issues. Drinking a cup of it every day will help you get rid of malignant tumors. Camel milk has been proven in several studies to offer numerous advantages that aid in the treatment of autism in youngsters. It is high in calcium and vitamins, which aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.

American Christina Adams, a camel researcher who wrote a book, stated that the benefits of camel milk and meat are unimaginable, explaining that she conducted numerous studies and scientific research into the benefits and importance of camel milk and meat for humans, noting that a personal experience with her son prompted her to become more involved with camels as a researcher.

“What made me care about camels is a human tale that I was exposed to, which is that after completing my master’s thesis, I gave birth to a child, and I was startled that he had autism,” she continued.

Autism is difficult to diagnose, which prompted me to get a degree in biological sciences to understand more about this disorder, which appears to be tough and costly to treat.

She added, “I continued my research and studies, and I saw an article proposing that autistic children drink camel milk.”

I spoke with a few individuals and inquired about camel milk and its advantages from coworkers, and I received a quantity of powdered milk. I gave my son some milk after a colleague traveled from the desert in the US, and I discovered him speaking fluently.

He approached me, spoke to me with tremendous love and compassion, and began to act as if we were both human beings, dropping food on the ground no more.

The American researcher stated that, in addition to autistic patients, camel milk aids in the treatment of other diseases, and this is supported by science, which has shown the importance of camels in the control of several diseases, including the Coronavirus, as well as the antibacterials found in camel milk and food products made from camel meat.

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