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KSA-UAE-US-UK denounce Houthi escalation in Yemen

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK, and the US released a joint statement expressing their “alarm” over the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen, citing the Houthi group’s military escalation and the danger of “Houthi cross-border assaults on the kingdom.”

The ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK, and the US Chargé d’Affaires met on Tuesday and expressed their concern about the serious humanitarian situation facing the Yemeni people, stressing the close relationship between this situation and the ongoing military escalation, the Houthis’ rejection of a ceasefire, and the country’s economic situation, according to the statement.

The ambassadors of the Quartet countries welcomed the appointment of a governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, a deputy governor, additional board members, and the assignment of the Control and Accountability Authority to review and evaluate the central bank’s work since it began operations in the temporary capital of Aden.

The ambassadors expressed their willingness to continue working closely with the Yemeni Prime Minister and his government, as well as the new governor of the Central Bank and his team, on measures to achieve greater economic stability in Yemen, including a commitment to continue providing technical assistance and to investigate options to improve Yemen’s chances of obtaining hard currency and trade facilitation.

The ambassadors urged the government to take action “maintain the reform process, emphasizing the significance of openness and accountability in the administration of domestic income and external finance.

The Quartet ambassadors also praised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s significant assistance to Yemen’s economy, particularly the gasoline donation.”

The ambassadors praised recent attempts to resurrect the Riyadh Agreement’s implementation. They also praised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE for their contributions in this area.

The ambassadors voiced their “grave worry” over the continued Houthi onslaught on Marib, emphasizing the need for a quick ceasefire, particularly given the large number of Yemenis who have been displaced.

The ambassadors also denounced the Houthi cross-border strikes on Saudi Arabia, which targeted civilians and critical infrastructure. The Quartet states affirmed their commitment to a comprehensive political solution to the conflict in Yemen, and expressed their full support for the UN envoy, Hans Grunberg, according to the statement.

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