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Turki bin Talal Inaugurates Heritage Al-Asabila Palaces in Al-Namas

Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Emir of the Asir region, opened the heritage “Al-Asabila Palaces” in Al-Namas Governorate, transforming them into a tourist attraction as part of heritage village development goals.



The heritage site consists of four palaces, ranging in height from two to three stories, representing the traditional style of construction in the Asir region. It also contains 60 rooms with a total area of ​​approximately 5,000 square metres.

النماص.. تاريخ ماضٍ مجيد ومستقبل واعد للسياحة السعودية

Al-Namas Governorate is gearing up for numerous tourist, cultural, and sporting events this summer (1446 AH). The festivities commence with an official ceremony next Tuesday evening and span a month and a half. Highlights include heritage village activities, entertainment like the “Al Hosn” event and folk arts performances, and agricultural events such as the farmers’ market, agricultural caravan, and Green Namas initiative.

النماص.. تاريخ ماضٍ مجيد ومستقبل واعد للسياحة السعودية

Sports activities such as “Archery,” “Bicycle Racing,” “Mountain Hiking,” “Sports for All Week,” “Al-Namas Padel Championship,” “Al-Namas Marathon,” and “Peg-Picking Championship” are highlighted this year, while it embraces the cultural aspect.

Furthermore, several events, most notably the “Sculpture Forum” and the “Visual Arts Forum”, and several cultural lectures and poetry evenings.


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