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Ministries of Culture, Education Honors Cultural Skills Competition Winners

The Ministries of Culture and Education have honored the winners of the second Cultural Skills Competition for general education students today. The closing ceremony took place in the Riyadh Arena Exhibition Hall.

The Deputy Minister of Culture delivered a speech on behalf of Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture. He said, “With the unlimited support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince, today we are honoring the winners of the Cultural Skills Competition award in a cultural night.”

He added: “Education is the foundation of our journey to build our cultural capabilities. Our strategic partnerships with the education system have led to many achievements that underscore the importance of strengthening these partnerships further.”

Winning Students, Prizes

The ceremony announced the names of the winning students who were awarded competition prizes totaling over nine million riyals. First-place winners in all stages and tracks received 100,000 riyals each. Second-place winners received 75,000 riyals each, and third-place winners received 50,000 riyals each. Additionally, the parents of the winners were honored with financial rewards totaling 1.4 million riyals: 10,000 riyals for first-place winners’ parents, 7,000 riyals for second-place winners’ parents, and 5,000 riyals for third-place winners’ parents.

Strategic Partnership Agreements

The ceremony also included signing three agreements with strategic partners to support distinguished talents. The first agreement, with the Arabian Manga Company Limited that will create a training platform for manga art learners. The second agreement, with the Saudi Anghami Company. The third agreement, with MBC Media Solutions Ltd.

The “Cultural Skills Competition” is a national event launched by the Ministry of Culture in partnership with the Ministry of Education. It also aims to harness the creative potential of emerging generations.

This season, the competition covers 10 cultural tracks: drawing, Arabic calligraphy, films, photography, playing, singing, manga, poetry, and theater. Furthermore, it aims to discover and develop the skills of male and female students in cultural and artistic fields, and achieve optimal investment of their hardwork.

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