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Tokyo 2020: How Arab countries performed at the Olympics?

Tokyo 2020: How Arab countries performed at the Olympics?

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended with 9 Arab countries winning a total of 18 medals. With two gold medals in high jump and weightlifting, as well as a bronze medal in beach volleyball, Qatar placed first in the Arab world and 41st overall.

Egypt was placed 54th in the Arab world with six medals, including one gold, one silver, and four bronze. With gold and silver, Tunisia was ranked 58th in the world.

With a gold medal, Morocco ranked fourth in the Arab world (63 overall), followed by Jordan (74 overall) with two silver and bronze medals.

Bahrain was the sixth Arab country to win a silver medal (out of 77 total). The silver medal was then won by Saudi Arabia (ranked 77th in the world).

Kuwait finished 86th in the world and took up the bronze medal. Finally, Syria (ranked ninth in the Arab world) received a bronze medal in 86th place.

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