University students vaccination rate records 87.3% in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Education announced that the 87.3% of male and female university students has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

It confirmed that the vaccination rate among academic staff and employees reached 88.17%.

Tariq al-Ahmari said; the official spokesman for university education, with regard to the rate of immunization of academic staff and employees with a single dose, amounted to 88.17%, while the percentage of those immunized with two doses is estimated at 50%.

He added that the percentage of the unvaccinated from the total academic and administrative cadre amounts to 11.83%.

Regarding the rate of immunization of university students with a single dose, he indicated that it reached 87.30%, while the percentage of students immunized with two doses is estimated at 41.49%.

He added that the percentage of unvaccinated students reaches 12.69% of the total male and female students.

Al-Ahmari called on those who are not immunized to take the initiative to receive the vaccine against the Corona virus, before the start of the new school year, which is scheduled for August 29, as it is considered a prerequisite for students’ attendance.

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