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Three categories exempt from requirements to get a Saudi social security pension

The executive regulations of the Saudi social security system, approved by Ahmed Al-Rajhi, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, excluded three categories from the nationality requirement to obtain a pension.

According to the Umm Al-Qura newspaper, the first category is for Saudi wife and divorced and widow who have Saudi children.

The second category is for children of a Saudi widow and divorced woman from a non-Saudi husband, provided that their permanent residence in the Kingdom is verified.

The third is related to  persons with disabilities, orphans, widows with orphans who have mobility cards provided that the travel cards are valid, and proof of disability.

According to the regulation, a permanent resident in the Kingdom benefits from the Saudi pension if they meet the eligibility conditions.

It is considered a permanent resident for someone whose period outside the Kingdom does not exceed three consecutive months.

Unearned income

The regulation calculated the value of assets that can be liquidated within the monthly income as unearned income. That is the “income derived from sources – other than work or registered commercial activity – such as property and its returns and social or government benefits obtained by independent or family members” by dividing the total value of the asset over 12 months.

The wealth account includes the beneficiary’s assets and money, including real estate, cars, securities and other investments, except the value of the beneficiary’s main home and one car.

The amounts of government subsidies are also calculated within the beneficiary’s monthly income as unearned income by dividing the total amount over 12 months.

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