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The Urgent Scientific Question: When Will We Get a Vaccine?

Today’s world is facing the most devastating pandemic of coronavirus; it caused much harm to different levels. It is resulting in a global crisis and pushing the people to their limits. So, the raising question is when this is going to end?

According to the journal Nature, it has reported that 78 projects had been launched. The projects aim to find the vaccine of coronavirus around the globe. Many countries and organizations are developing their researches, and some of them are under the trial phase like Oxford project in the UK, two other biotechnology corporations project in the US, and three more scientific groups in China. The vaccine developers are planning to start the human testing phase this year of 2020.

These tests and studies will take time to reach the final results. Subsequently, scientists found other ways to speed up the process by deliberately exposing volunteers to the virus to determine a vaccine’s efficacy. Nir Eyal, a professor of bioethics at Rutgers University, stated: “This approach is not without risks but has the potential to expedite candidate vaccine testing by many months.”

Neal Browning receives a shot in the first-stage safety study clinical trial of a potential vaccine for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus

These remarkable researches have raised the hope that COVID-19 could end soon by a fairly short time. However, volunteers would have to be in healthy conditions and willing to accept the risk. The result is gratifying, which is saving lives in a much sooner time. So, it depends on the willingness of the volunteers and the responses of the researchers.

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