Are Fitness Videos a Good Replacement for Gym Centers?

Nowadays, people are staying home in quarantine to avoid social contact due to the current situation of coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the fitness industry has collapsed, and gym centers have shut their doors off. The majority of people are now complaining about their body weight. They are looking for ways to improve their appearance. So, fitness videos have massively spread among people.

Lots of online training are starting to nourish. Sports coaches took the chance to mentor their trainees via online courses and YouTube channels. This turning point took the fitness industry to another controversial level. Some people say that following such a program, remotely, will put the pressor on the trainees in making every step while other people imply that it is the responsibility of the trainees to keep tracking their performance.

The responsibility level is reaching its peak during this time of the pandemic. It is an individualistic decision where people are subjectively accountable for their physical appearance. They are not the object anymore.

All in all, the coronavirus pandemic is a turning point for many industries. The question will always remain; are fitness videos a good replacement for gym centers?

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