SR20 million fine for polluting marine waters in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that it has imposed fines of up to 20 million riyals ($5.3 million) for those who pollute marine waters and aquatic environments.

A spokesman for the Saudi Center for Environmental Compliance, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, said, “The new executive regulation for the sustainable management of the marine and coastal environment ensures the prevention of harm to the environment in the internal waters, the territorial sea of ​​the Kingdom, the adjacent area, the exclusive economic zone or the continental shelf,” according to the Saudi Press Agency, SPA “.

Al-Mutairi explained that the regulation has been attached to a schedule that includes penalties in a way that ensures “taking into account the application and enforcement of what is stipulated in the international and regional agreements ratified by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to the protection of the marine and coastal environment from deterioration and pollution.”

Al-Mutairi stated that “the regulation stipulates the preparation and follow-up of the implementation of national and local plans for preparedness and response to emergencies and potential environmental disasters in the marine and coastal environment, including oil pollution, harmful substances, and the importance of informing the competent center as soon as any leakage of oils or harmful substances occurs, or the loss of any of the vehicle’s load.

The regulation also included provisions for licensing marine sports activities, which prohibit the holding of competitions, marine sports activities, and diving without the use of environmentally friendly engines and without first obtaining a license from the National Center for Monitoring Environmental Compliance, without prejudice to the Ministry of Sports’ and other relevant government agencies’ authority.

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