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Saudi Arabia to undertake unprecedented measures to preserve its security

In a letter to the UN Security Council, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stated that it will take all necessary steps to protect its territories and the safety of its inhabitants and residents, as required by international law.

Following the Houthi group’s operations targeting Abha International Airport, Saudi Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, said in a message to the UN Security Council that “the continuation of military hostilities committed against the Kingdom by the Iranian-backed terrorist militia is a flagrant violation of the law.”

“On August 31, Abha International Airport was attacked by the terrorist Houthi militia with a booby-trapped drone, and the failed hostile attempt resulted in 8 injuries for employees of one of the companies operating at the airport of various nationalities (Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal), some of whom are in critical condition,” Al-Mouallimi added in the statement.

“A terrorist attack that targets civilian infrastructure and threatens innocent civilians is a horrific war crime,” he said, adding that the Houthi militia must be held accountable under international humanitarian law.

“These Houthi strikes continue to undercut UN efforts in Yemen, and will destabilize regional security and a broad international peaceful political settlement,” he said.

The Saudi envoy urged the Security Council to “strongly condemn these acts and assume its responsibility towards the Iranian-backed Houthi militias to end their threats to international peace and security and hold them accountable,” as well as “circulating this letter as an official document of the Security Council.”

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