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Saudi Arabia unveils damage out of latest Houthi strikes

According to the Saudi Ministry of Defense, the Kingdom’s air defenses intercepted and destroyed three ballistic missiles and three booby-trapped drones launched by the Houthis against Jizan and Najran, exposing the magnitude of the damage.

“The Saudi defenses intercepted and destroyed on Saturday a ballistic missile fired by the terrorist Houthi militia from Sanaa using civilian items towards the eastern area of the Kingdom,” said Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense.

“The interception operation caused shrapnel to spread throughout the Dammam Suburb area, as a result of which a Saudi boy and girl were hurt, and 14 residential houses were mildly damaged,” Turki Al-Maliki said of the attack’s damage.

“, he explained “The militia’s brutal and reckless effort to kill civilians is incompatible with divine ideals and humanitarian standards. It also reflects the realities of military operations on the ground, including the militia’s deteriorating posture on the front lines and the death of key field commanders.”

“In compliance with international humanitarian law and its customary standards,” the Saudi spokesperson said, “the Ministry of Defense would take the required and deterrent actions to safeguard its territories and capabilities and halt such hostile and cross-border assaults to protect people.”

Several nations, notably the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain, denounced the assaults on Saudi Arabia and expressed their sympathy with the kingdom.

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