A Look into the best tourist places in Qassim.

There are many tourist attractions in Al-Qassim that you can visit and enjoy on a tour that will transport you to another planet and provide you with a sense of ease away from the daily hectic life.

Tourist places in Qassim

Due to its abundance of ancient structures, Al-Qassim is one of the top tourist destinations in the Kingdom.

Jadiya Castle in Qassim

The history of Jadiya Castle is one of Qassim’s most important archaeological sites. It is one of the most important castles in the world since it is modeled after the ancient Najdi home.

Prince Faisal bin Bandar Park

 Prince Faisal bin Bandar Park in Al Qassim embraces large green spaces that almost cover the entire place.

The park hosts a variety of amazing activities and special events for all occasions, including public and holiday events that you can attend and enjoy.

Al Bassam Heritage House

The Heritage House of Al-Bassam in the Onaizah Governorate, which simulates the heritage of the fathers and grandfathers as well as the ancient history of the country, is a must-see for anybody visiting Al-Qassim.

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