Snow fell on 3 regions in Saudi Arabia today

According to the Saudi National Center of Meteorology, it is expected, that temperatures will continue to drop in most regions of the Kingdom, and snowfall is not excluded in parts of the northern border regions and Al-Jawf, and the heights of the Tabuk region (Jabal Al-Lawz – Alqan). It is preceded by active winds that raise dust and dust, limiting the horizontal visibility over those areas.

While there is an opportunity for the formation of fog and rain clouds accompanied by active winds. It may include thunderstorms over parts of the regions: Riyadh, Madinah, Jazan, Asir, Al Baha.

The report indicated that the surface wind movement on the Red Sea is north to northwest at a speed of 20-45 km/h, and the wave height is from one to two meters, and the state of the sea is medium to wavy, while the movement of surface winds on the Arabian Gulf is north to northwest at a speed of 15 – 40 km/h, the wave height is from one to two meters, and the state of the sea is medium to wavy.

The weather forecast department at the Arab Weather Center issued a report explaining the areas covered by the snowfall forecast. The report indicated that a flow of very cold polar winds was monitored from the eastern European continent towards the northern parts of Saudi Arabia through the Levant.

According to the report it is expected, that the flow of polar winds will coincide with the flow of warm currents from the southeast. This convergence between the two air systems leads in some cases to snowfall in areas unusual for snowfall. The computer processing outputs through numerical modeling of the movements of air masses also refer to possible collision areas where snow is likely to occur, including the Al-Jawf region, Tabuk and Medina.

The report added that it is not possible to know whether snow accumulations will occur in these areas as a result of snowfall, but there will be a field follow-up of the weather situation on the go to find out this. Computer modeling indicates that another collision between Siberian winds and atmospheric instability may occur to the southwest of the Al-Jawf region and the eastern parts of the Tabuk region to include parts close to the Tayma Governorate.

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