Saudi Arabia identifies 9 non-food businesses that can move within Riyadh

The municipality of Saudi Riyadh has identified nine non-food commercial activities that can operate throughout Riyadh and reach beneficiaries in their homes.

The Riyadh Municipality posted an illustration of the 9 activities on its Twitter account, with the caption: “Empowering citizen entrepreneurs and enhancing the quality of services offered to you.” “There are nine non-food commercial activities that can move throughout Riyadh and reach recipients at their locations.”

The following are examples of these activities:

  • Work on the household’s upkeep (plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, and refrigeration).
  • Computer maintenance
    Maintaining a mobile phone
  • For light electrical and mechanical car repair.
    Tire replacement is an important service.
  • washing the automobile
    Oil change for your car.

Rent a bicycle.

Men’s and children’s shaving.

“If a commercial store engages in any of the permissible activities in movement, the owner of the facility can get a permit for each vehicle belonging to his ownership, or hired with a contract that ends in ownership,” the secretariat noted.

After getting the approval of the secretariat and the property owner, he may deliver the service to the recipient at his site or inside the parking lots and squares of markets and commercial complexes.

In the absence of a commercial store for the activity, citizens are entitled to obtain a license for a vehicle that is either their own or hired with a contract that ends in ownership to give services to consumers in their places, according to the statement.

It is impossible to obtain a license for activities that necessitate the presence of a commercial business, such as shaving, tyre repair, and oil changes.”

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