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Saudi Arabia opens registration for world’s largest cyber security event

The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming, and Drones has opened registration for the world’s largest cyber security event, which will take place at the end of November as part of the Riyadh Season events in 2021.

This is the result of collaboration between the Saudi Federation and the General Entertainment Authority on the one hand, and Informatech and BlackHat on the other, with the goal of addressing global cyber dangers.

This global event, which is considered the largest cybersecurity event in the region, will be held in the “Riyadh Front”, one of the central entertainment areas in the 2021 Riyadh season,

The event, which is being held for the first time in Saudi Arabia, includes unique activities to transfer expertise and develop the field of cyber security.

It will welcome specialists from Offensive Security for information security training, as well as the Middle East and North Africa’s largest “Capture the Flag” task and the challenge of the loophole reward platform, with awards of up to a million riyals.

The Hack@ event will be preceded by cyber security training classes for various levels. Hack@ challenges, which are cyber security competitions with rewards worth one million riyals, will take place over the event’s four days.

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