Saudi schools prepare for attendance exams after a two-year hiatus

Saudi students will return to the exam headquarters tomorrow, Wednesday After two years of conducting final exams remotely due to the Corona pandemic

The schools have been keen to prepare the final examinations for the first semester by the examination committees in the schools.

The Saudi Ministry of Education has established exam supervision committees to oversee the implementation and monitoring of the end-of-semester tests.

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia recently decided to conduct exams at the end of the first semester for male and female primary school students remotely. The exam will start at 4:00 pm.

It was determined to test intermediate and secondary school kids who were in attendance at the school; for those who had received two doses of the Corona vaccine and were 12 years old or older, while adhering to all preventive and health measures that ensured their safety.

Middle and high school students who were unable to receive the vaccine will be selected; For documented health reasons or for not completing 12 years from a distance,

Students who have not finished both dosages will be evaluated remotely through educational platforms, with the degree of attendance deducted.

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