Saudi Entertainment Authority announces a new area for the Riyadh season

In the Riyadh Season 2021, the Kingdom General Entertainment Authority announced the introduction of a new area, stating the main elements of the region.

It examined the most important characteristics of the 4th “Via Riyadh” area of the Riyadh period with its official account on the Twitter social networking site.

In addition to the 23 international brand stores and a 5-star hotel that can seat 80 rooms, the authorities said that the new quarter has 15 international luxury cafés and restaurants for the most important chefs.

It is noteworthy that the advisor, Turki Al-Sheikh; The head of the Kingdom’s Entertainment Authority has set the launch date for the 2021 Riyadh season, under the slogan “Imagine More.”

He announced, in a tweet via his Twitter account, the launch of the Riyadh Season 2021, on October 20.

He stressed that the season is organized by Saudi hands that will dazzle the world, in addition to that it will include the following activities;

  • 7.5 thousand active days.
  • 70 Arab concerts.

6 international concerts.

  • 10 international exhibitions.

Organizing 350 theater shows.

  • 18 Arabic plays.

6 international plays.

Freestyle wrestling championship, and two world matches.

  • 100 interactive experiences.
  • The presence of 200 restaurants and 70 cafes, with their diversity and diversity, suiting all tastes of the audience and age groups.
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