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A Saudi girl invents a device to measure the rate of diabetes

A Saudi girl decided to add a new achievement to the achievements of Saudi women, by inventing a device for diabetes patients.

Rafeef Al-Shahrani a graduate of the College of Business at King Khalid University Created a medical device for measuring blood sugar, as an alternative to using acupuncture needles.

She claimed in her press releases that her innovation is distinguished not only by analysis and knowledge of the outcome but also by many things, including detecting diabetes without taking blood samples.

Al-Shahrani added: The device helps relieve patients’ suffering from acupuncture needles, in addition to helping patients to check on their health with ease and ease.

About the idea of ​​​​her innovation, she indicated that the idea began to her when she noticed the fear of one of the patients about the needle prick during the examination of the sugar level in the blood.

Al-Shahrani revealed that she was able to obtain many awards, through her participation in several exhibitions and internal and external competitions.

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