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Saudi Scouts Explore Space Science, Technology at NASA

The Saudi scouts, participating in the Third World Islamic Scout Camp in the United States of America, was briefed on space science and technology, and the history of space ascension for the first time.


كشافة المملكة يستكشفون الفضاء في "ناسا" الأمريكية

Moreover, the delegation visited Houston’s Space Center, affiliated with NASA, where they learned about astronaut suits and personal items, buoyancy, spaceflight side effects, and monitoring devices. They also explored astronauts’ health monitoring (heart rate, blood pressure.), personal hygiene practices, and sleeping methods. They attended a briefing on the latest advancements in space exploration technologies. Finally, they  emphasized the center’s pivotal role in shaping future space.

It’s worth noting, the Saudi Scouts Association joined the Third World Islamic Scout Camp at Strack Camp in Houston, Texas, USA from June 30 – July 6 this year. Moreover, this camp was organized by the American Muslim Scouts Association and overseen by the Boy Scouts of America. It was a great opportunity for scouts to exchange cultures and experiences.

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