Saudi photographer explores the depths of the seas

A Saudi photographer conveyed the beauty of sea creatures in wonderful scenes over 14 years, moving with his lens between reefs and beaches to monitor their movements and corals.

In an interview with Al Arabiya.net, the photographer Ali Bakhtaour explained that he started shooting in 2007 and became professional after practice.

He added that he was fond of photographing marine creatures as a diving and rescue instructor. This type of photography helped him convey beautiful images from the depths of the sea and the secrets of water.

How is the depth of the sea photographed?

Bakhtaour said: “In the depths of the sea, we are always keen to equalize the colours of the camera, flashes and searchlights, taking into account our access to the depth level.”

He added that he is keen to highlight the marine creatures on the site, especially the rare ones, stressing that he succeeded in hijacking many unique and strange pictures, the most prominent photographing the rare frogfish.

He also explained that “the diving time is related to depth. The greater the depth, the lesser the time. During filming, the depth should not exceed 60 feet, so the time is suitable for taking pictures with sufficient lighting that helps in capturing high-quality scenes.”

The most prominent image outputs

In addition, he pointed out that he depicted many marine creatures, including dolphins, frogfish, seahorses, sharks, sharks, pufferfish, whitefish, and others.

He said that the most prominent sites he photographed are some shipwrecks in Jeddah, the sunken Greek ship in Yanbu, the Duba beach, some islands, and many other locations.

The photographer also recounted one of the stories that still stuck in his mind, saying: “During the night, diving to photograph a giant turtle that was heading into the depths of the sea, I got busy with it until the air was about to end, and when I got out of the water I found myself alone and very far from the shore. But he added that he could return by seeing the flashlights of his colleagues who were looking for him.

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