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US Central Command: Ethiopia’s behaviour towards the Renaissance Dam worries us

The US Central Command Centcom commander, General Kenneth McKenzie, said that Ethiopia’s behaviour towards the GERD worries Washington a lot.

In an interview with the Egyptian Nile News channel, he stressed that Egypt is exercising enormous restraint and is trying to reach a diplomatic and political solution.

McKenzie pledged to resume seeking an acceptable solution to the crisis of the Renaissance Dam between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, considering that the dam file is very worrying.

McKenzie said: “The GERD file is a real problem, and we will continue to try to find a solution that is acceptable to Egypt and the rest of the parties.”

He stated that the USA is aware of the unique importance of the Nile River to Egypt, not only in terms of culture but also water resources and the economy in general.

General Kenneth McKenzie affirmed his country’s keenness to support the strategic partnership and military cooperation between the Egyptian armed forces and the United States in a way that meets the common interests between the two countries.

General McKenzie praised Egypt’s role in stopping the recent Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and considered it an extension of its leadership, pioneering, and historical role. The Egyptian position seeking peace is motivated by stability concerns in the Middle East region.

On the development of relations between the United States and Egypt, McKenzie said: “The United States has long-standing and long-standing relations with Egypt, and it is a wonderful partnership that we seek to preserve and build on, as Egypt is one of the important countries for the stability and security of the region.”

On the Yemeni crisis and the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, the commander stressed that the Saudi monarch has been seeking, since the beginning of the situation in Yemen, to reach a diplomatic solution to end the war.

He pointed out that the leadership in Saudi Arabia is ready to negotiate. Still, those who refuse are the Houthis, and they seek to occupy the city of Marib, east of Yemen, before entering into any negotiations. They bomb the kingdom on an almost daily basis with drones and ballistic missiles.

In this context, he considered that the Saudi monarch is doing an excellent job protecting his country from these attacks, and the United States supports the kingdom.

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