Saudi novelist Sharifa Al-Shamlan passes away

The Saudi writer and novelist, Sharifa Al-Shamlan, died on Thursday after suffering from illness, as she was buried in the Dammam cemetery.

Munira Al-Shamlan, the daughter of the late, wrote the news of her mother’s death in a tweet on her account.

A large number of media professionals and writers mourned Sharifa, calling for her mercy, recalling her cultural works.

Who is Sharifa Al-Shamlan?

Sharifa Al-Shamlan holds a BA in Journalism from the College of Arts at the University of Baghdad.

 Sharifa graduated from a social worker until she reached the Director General of Women’s Social Supervision in the Eastern Province for 27 years.

 She established the Women’s Human Rights Office in the Human Rights Commission’s branch in the Eastern Province, and worked for it for three years.

She wrote many research and studies, including: education and medicine in the past, the services provided at the Agency for Social Affairs and working to develop them, and the distinguished programs of women’s charities,

 Sharifa has published six short story collections. She recently participated in several conferences and festivals inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and delivered the speech of Saudi intellectuals at the Riyadh International Book Fair in 2010.

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