Al-Sudais: (AI) played a role in the success of the 2021 Hajj.

Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the General President of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, affirmed that this year’s Hajj is a “smart Hajj” due to the employment of several smart technologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital applications and work procedures, in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2013, which harnessed all of the Hajj’s system of services, Saudi Arabia was eager to give whatever it could to support the Two Holy Mosques.

During this year’s season, he added, the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques focused on a qualitative shift in services in line with modern technology, such as a smart robot to sanitize the campus, as well as a robot for distributing Zamzam water bottles, in addition to a guidance robot that explains and directs the people.

He noted that everyone works and submits to the Hajj pilgrim plan, in which God has inscribed every distinction for this year’s Hajj for us to follow. “Safe and orderly,” complimenting this year’s pilgrims for adhering to health and regulatory guidelines, such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, and sterilization vigilance.

He emphasized that, following the conclusion of the season, the presidency will continue its preparations for the next seasons, including the maintenance of extensive sterilization procedures and a strong desire to keep the virus from reaching the Two Holy Mosques.

It will also continue to offer counseling and guidance services, such as classes and lectures, via a variety of technological platforms.

“We congratulate the wise leadership on the success of this Hajj season, to express to the entire world that this year’s Hajj is a message of security and peace,” Dr. Al-Sudais said at the end of his speech.

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