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KSA launches largest electronic market for dates

Saudi Arabia launches largest electronic market for dates

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is preparing to launch the largest electronic market for dates in the coming period.

Khaled Al-Naqidan revealed; The CEO of Qassim Dates Festival, in a television interview, said that KSA will witness, in the next two weeks, the launch of the largest electronic market.

He said that Saudi Arabia will witness the establishment of an international stock exchange for dates, in partnership with a number of competent authorities, including the Ministry of Commerce, in conjunction with the current events of the festival.

He also praised the increasing turnout of the festival, in addition to the number of cars loaded with dates reaching about 1,500 cars.

He explained that the festival, which is held according to precautionary measures in order to prevent the Corona virus, offers many events that will serve marketers, families, farmers and traders.

Dates exports

Al-Naqidan stressed that it is intended to export it to countries around the world, in accordance with the Saudi vision 2030.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that marketers have begun to modify the production mechanism and develop methods that make the product easily accessible to countries that have little knowledge of the product.

 Non-oil exports are considered one of the key pillars of Vision 2030, and consequently the Saudi Leadership.

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