Saudi Health Ministry denies the presence of black fungus cases

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced that there are no cases of black fungus in the Kingdom. Some people questioned if the disease is associated with the coronavirus, but many experts denied the theory.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 cases in the country are considered stable, and the government still is working hard on vaccinating the population. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Ministry spokesman Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aali, said on Sunday: “We have found a steady trend in the curve of confirmed cases of Coronavirus.”

He also announced that the vaccine doses had exceeded 12,800,000. Today’s report mentioned 1,067 new cases, 12 deaths, and 895 people who have recovered, taking the total number of recoveries to 424,690.

Yesterday, WHO’s Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari, confirmed in an interview with that Saudi Arabia is making all possible efforts from the beginning of the pandemic until now to contain the virus.

He pointed out the Kingdom’s keenness to provide all capabilities by monitoring and detecting the virus, expanding testing, tracking contacts, providing the highest level of health care, and updating treatment protocols.

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