Saudi Trade: 30,000 female commercial registrations so far in 2021

According to a press statement provided to by the Saudi Ministry of Trade, the number of women’s commercial registrations in Saudi Arabia from the beginning of 2021 to late April totalled 30,000.

The Ministry stated that the requirements for obtaining a commercial register for women are the same as for men. The decision follows procedures for facilitating new women’s projects under the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Nevertheless, applicants must be over 18 years old, can’t be a government employee, have minimum capital of SR5,000, and activate the Absher electronic service. 

Annual fees are SR200 (plus the Chamber of Commerce fees, which depend on the activity type and degree).

The Ministry informed that the electronic linkage between government agencies helped facilitate the issuance of five electronic services, the commercial register only one amongst them. They are:

  • Zakat and Income Subscription
  • Affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development
  • Unified Establishments Number 1700
  • Registration with the General Organization for social insurance
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