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King Abdulaziz Camel Festival is now called Hanna Bedou

Saudi Arabia has changed the name of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival to Hanna Bedou. The decision is a response to the statements of former Lebanese Foreign Minister Charbel Wahba.

In an interview with Egyptian journalist Amr Adib, Sheikh Fahd bin Hathleen confirmed the new name is an act of repudiation against Wahba’s offence to the Bedouins.

Wahba recently insulted Bedouins and Gulf Cooperation Council countries headed by Saudi Arabia by suggesting that GCC states had supported the rise of ISIS, among other comments. In reported comments to Al-Hurra TV, he alleged said: “The countries of the people of love, friendship, and brotherhood brought [ISIS] and planted it in the Nineveh Plains, Anbar, and Palmyra.”

“His words were insulting (…). The Bedouins are not only in the Gulf but in Lebanon. He is an offender to his own people,” the Saudi authority said.

The Lebanese Foreign Minister submitted his resignation to President Michel Aoun in the wake of the negative feedback. 

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