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Saudi FM Talks about Europe’s Options in Middle East during ECFR in Madrid

The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs has participated in a discussion session themed “Wars and Shadow Wars: What are Europe’s Options in the Middle East?” during the meetings of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) in Madrid, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The session tackled the latest developments in the disastrous situation of Gaza highlighting the dire need to carry out an immediate and permanent ceasefire and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan stated that the ongoing conflict in the Strip does not only affect the Palestinian cause, but the entire region with various escalating tensions.

He mentioned what is currently happening in southern Lebanon as a result to the expansion of the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Saudi FM Talks about Europe's Options in Middle East during ECFR in Madrid
Saudi FM Talks about Europe’s Options in Middle East during ECFR in Madrid

Two-state Solution

Bin Farhan underscored that the majority of the international community believes that the two-state solution is the best and just solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

However, they stand idly regarding the matters that may undermine the two-state solution, such as Israel’s continuous settlement expansion.

The Minister commended the peace efforts made by the European countries such as Spain to push towards the two-state solution emphasizing that the least they can do is to condemn Israel’s failure to abide by its commitments and then take strict steps such as imposing sanctions on some officials who violate human rights.

Moreover, he stressed that the Palestinians have the full right to self-determination and an internationally recognized Palestinian State.

Prince Faisal also delved into the current situation in Yemen, confirming their unwavering support to the political dialogue.

“We need to move to a better state because the situation in Yemen is still difficult, especially on the economic level,” Prince Faisal added.

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