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Saudi Customs and traditions at El Sharqia region in KSA

Marriage customs and traditions among the people of Al-Sharqiya:

 Al-Sharqiya is famous for its many customs and traditions that people follow in it, so we find them, for example, in the holy month of Ramadan, keening on social communication between people, and sharing a large number of Iftar tables.

In general, people make Iftar meals in the yards of their homes, and there are also frequent visits and exchanges of breakfast with relatives and friends.

Some families, who live near the mosques, send a lot of meals to break the prayers, and we also find that there is an exchange of breakfast meals between neighbors and each other, that strengthen relations and increase love between People.

Marriage customs and traditions among the people of Al-Sharqiya:

Wedding traditions differ from every region within the State of Saudi Arabia, Al-Sharqiya follows some distinctive customs and traditions in marriage, most important of them are:

1- The jar of Al-Sharqiya: It is tradition of wedding, that is the groom and some of his firend and family walks to wife’s house chanting some sheela and other folk arts until they say goodbye to him, and this habit is one of the most famous customs there.

2- Sabaha traditions: its husband presents that gift to his wife at their first morning after marriage and it is usually an expensive one, only people of Al-Sharqiya doing that.

3- Daza traditions:  it is about some food resources such as rice, sugar, as well as cardamom and other things that can be presented to the bride’s family.

4- The tradition of Al Tasbiea : In this tradition  the bride stays in her family’s house for a whole week before the husband takes her  to his home, and this custom is still existing till now.

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