Saudi women’s a significant Leaps towards empowering

When it comes to talking about Saudi Arabia’s new developmental shifts, with its wise leadership, the speech does not end.

I am not talking about politics, economy, diplomacy, and the entrenched position day after day of the kingdom regionally and internationally despite its utmost importance.

  What concerns me in the first place is related to the rehabilitation of Saudi women to reap the fruits of the effort and the sweat of long decades, who were able to dig their nails into the rock, to deserve their decent place in our new and renewed vision.

This is why it has become noticeable that the pace of women’s empowerment steps has accelerated, affirming the confidence of an aware leadership that believes well that any society can only rise with its two wings (men and women).

For this also, it was not at all strange to witness for the first time in the history of our country the adoption of a woman – Dr. Hanan Al-Ahmadi – to be the first assistant to the Speaker of the Shura Council.

This is in parallel with the appointment of another woman, Ms. Amal Yahya Al-Mouallimi, as ambassador to Norway, to be the second official woman in the foreign diplomatic track, after Princess Rima bint Bandar bin Sultan, the Kingdom’s ambassador to the United States.

I think that such a heavy responsibility in representing the Kingdom at this level is not something like “Prestige” or “Shaw”, but rather a worthy step that comes with merit, and high confidence from the leadership, in the capabilities of Saudi women and the extent to which they can play this high political representation to be the external voice of the Kingdom, Awareness, thought, action and responsibility.

All this confirms that all the steps of empowering women internally and in the accelerated manner that we have witnessed in the past months and years, were a very logical introduction towards empowering them at the international level externally.

 It reflects that the leadership’s confidence in its sons and daughters in its conscious vision in accordance with the ambitious 2030 strategy is one of the building blocks of modern Saudi society, in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit from Saudi competencies with their complementary male and female elements.

It is a responsibility that requires us to understand all the variables and conform to them, regardless of the differences in opinions or orientations, to harmonize after that in the symphony of the homeland.

 Saudi woman is, equal to male one, not less than him in awareness, value, ability or giving. What happened or is happening or will happen is a merit worthy of appreciation, respect, and aspiration for more.

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