Saudi Arabia’s Harvest 2023: Entertainment Sector, Events, Figures

Future Development of Entertainment Sector

The Riyadh Season, entertainment centers, and special events in the Jeddah calendar are just a glimpse of the tremendous development witnessed by the entertainment sector in the Kingdom during 2023.

These successful events, showcasing global arrangements, mark progress in the entertainment sector, aiming to enrich life and spread joy. In 2023, as part of Saudi Vision 2030, this sector significantly developed to enhance citizens’ lives.

Consequently, the Kingdom will be a global tourism and entertainment destination in near future.

Future Development of Entertainment Sector

Initially, the entertainment sector in the Kingdom is expected to grow in the next few years. The Kingdom’s entertainment sector aims to add 4.2% to the GDP by 2030.

Consequently, this growth will include a sustainable sector that improves life quality, raises living standards, and diversifies the economy.

Recently, under Turki Al-Sheikh’s leadership, the Saudi Entertainment Authority has initiated many entertainment and cultural events. This positions the Kingdom as a leader in attracting visitors and residents in the Arab world, especially with the fourth Riyadh Season.

Key Entertainment Figures in 2023

In Q1 2023, the Saudi Entertainment Authority reported 144 events in Riyadh, 133 live performances, 99 shows, and 13 entertainment centers in Riyadh. This included 39 concerts, 10 exhibitions, 23 experiences, and 58 festivals.

Q2 saw 142 events, 173 live performances, 151 shows, and 4 centers. Compared to 2022, these numbers show the Kingdom’s growing global entertainment presence, with diverse and sustainable activities.

2736 Entertainment Events

In the first half of 2023, the General Entertainment Authority issued licenses for 2736 events, comprising 898 entertainment events and more than 602 shows. During this period, restaurants and cafes saw around 896 shows, marking a 35% rise in licenses compared to 2022.

Entertainment Gateway

The Entertainment Gateway is a digital platform facilitating business in the entertainment sector. The authority provides opportunities for issuing licenses and permits for events and entertainment shows. It also offers various facilities to introduce new concepts in luxury and happiness.

The range of entertainment programs and initiatives cover various artistic, sports, and gaming interests.

“Live It” Platform

To facilitate visitors and tourists, the General Entertainment Authority launched the “Live It” platform as a reference for all entertainment activities across the Kingdom. It allows access to all information about entertainment activities and events throughout the year.

Entertainment Destinations in 2023

The year 2023 witnessed the opening of several new entertainment destinations across the Kingdom, including “King Salman Global Park” in Riyadh, “The V” in Jeddah, and “Riyadh Boulevard Park” in Riyadh.

Saudi Seasons 2023

The General Entertainment Authority holds 12 “Saudi Seasons” events annually across the Kingdom to boost tourism and attract visitors. These seasons feature various events and festivals in cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, Diriyah, and AlUla, enhancing fun and excitement.

Riyadh Season 2023

The fourth Riyadh Season began on October 29, 2023, featuring the “Strongest Man in the World” fight and will run until April 29, 2024. As the world’s largest winter event, it offers 12 areas with unique experiences for both local and international visitors.

Diriyah Season

 Diriyah Season, an annual festival celebrating Diriyah’s culture, offers diverse events like live shows, art, food, and outdoor activities, appealing to all ages.


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