General Entertainment Authority Opens Boulevard World

The General Entertainment Authority opened the Boulevard World area, one of the 2023 Riyadh Season areas boasting of new and diverse entertainment experiences.

Boulevard World enjoys an atmosphere that bears the features of “the ancient Levant,” and showcases its biography through its buildings.

Among the most prominent experiences this year is the Meta virtual world with its games that blend reality and imagination,  the Boulevard Forest, which contains a group of beautiful and rare animals, and the water collision boat game.

Boulevard World is divided into 20 sub-regions, including the global section, which includes a group of regions with their many cultures, each of which was designed with a special character that distinguishes it in food, buildings and music, represented by Egypt, Britain, India, Asia, Mexico, France, the Levant, China, America, Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, and Morocco.

It also has Lake Boulevard, through which you can travel to various parts of the region and offer 19 diverse entertainment experiences.

Boulevard World games vary between 14 entertainment games and 24 types of skill games, in addition to about 200 points of sale for food and beverages, and 621 stores selling various goods coming from all over the world.

The area includes an interactive cinematic museum of the largest archaeological discoveries in history, the longest roller coaster in the world with a speed of 110 km per hour, in addition to the world of Cocomelon, the first of its kind in the world, and the “Fun Zone”.

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