General Entertainment Authority Introduces New Logo

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) launched a new innovative logo with a sustainable vision that mirrors Saudi Arabia’s approach to organize events and alluring activities regionally and internationally.

GEA: The New Logo


The new logo is made up of three letters(GEA), which are  short for the General Entertainment Authority, making it

Given its simplicity, the three-letter logo is catchy and highly influential, making it easy for the logo to serve the authority’s identity and its activities that are organized in every corner of the Kingdom.

Leaping out from all other logos, GEA garners the attention for the authority and its recreational activities.

Furthermore, the logo’s simplicity makes it easy for it to stick in the public’s mind and easy to spread among people, for its unique design is suitable for the internet and social media.

What is the General Entertainment Authority?


Chaired by H.E. Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Sheikh, the General Entertainment Authority continuously aims to sprinkle a sense of joyfulness into people’s lives by providing recreational events and activities for all society members.

This serves as an incentive for the private sector to organize entertainment activities as well.

General Entertainment Authority’s Vision and Message

GEA’s message and vision is to advance development on both social and economic levels by enhancing a sustainable global recreational sector.

It also seeks to develop and empower a distinguished recreational sector through a clear strategic approach, a transparent regulatory framework and the provision of innovative services.

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