Saudi Arabia Unveils Red Sea Destination

The Saudi Red Sea Global (RSG) Company has officially opened the Red Sea destination. It is now ready to receive visitors from all over the globe. RSG stated in a previous Twitter post that achieving this milestone contributes to bolstering the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia. They invited tourists worldwide to a “new, dazzling and unique world in its natural beauty, adventures, and unparalleled luxury level.”

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Destination

The Red Sea destination is an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy. It also aims to develop new sectors, create promising opportunities for young Saudi talents, and boost the local economy. It is developing tourism assets and destinations that intersect with various sectors to create a positive impact on humans and nature.

A New World of Unique Natural Beauty and Adventures

The Red Sea destination spans over 28,000 square kilometers of untouched land on the western coast of Saudi Arabia. It includes an archipelago that houses more than 90 pristine islands, breathtaking mountains, dormant volcanoes, desert sand dunes, and several cultural and heritage landmarks. It boasts of the world’s fourth-largest thriving coral reef, offering a unique, immersive experience for tourists.

Furthermore, the destination houses a diverse set of flora and fauna. It houses rare species like sea cows, wild cats, green turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, parrotfish, and whale sharks. The company has identified around 1600 archaeological sites in the area. They include remnants of Nabataean antiquities, pre-Islamic artifacts, and an early 18th-century shipwreck.

An Unparalleled Level of Luxury

The opening of the Red Sea destination coincides with the inauguration of the international airport and the first three resorts. The Kingdon also plans to open the “Amaala” destination for visitors in 2025. The Red Sea Project and AMAALA are part of Saudi’s so-called Giga projects. They will feature boutique resorts offering a wealth of water sports and other activities, including arts, culture, and education based around the sea, the desert, the dunes, and the mountains, say developers.

Both will be served by the forthcoming Red Sea International Airport, which is scheduled to open to domestic flights in 2023. “When I first came here and went out to the islands and saw about seven shades of blue, I thought, ‘how many shades of blue can you get in the sea?’” says Rosanna Chopra, the executive director of destination development for Red Sea Global, the umbrella development company for the projects.

The Red Sea project, between the cities of Umluj and Al-Wajh, will develop 22 of the 90 islands. It will be powered by 100% renewable energy, says the developer. By 2030, it could comprise 50 hotels, 8,000 rooms, and up to 1,000 residential properties.

The highlight of these projects is the concept of “regenerative” tourism. The projects aim to allow travelers to travel responsibly, preserving and enhancing the local community and environment, and offering transformative experiences for visitors.


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