Saudi Tourism: Kingdom Is ‘Rising Global Tourist Destination’

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism has emphasized the country’s rich diversity and unique appeal that caters to a broad array of tastes, placing it on the map as a distinctive tourist destination in today’s world. Whether visitors partake in various events, exhibitions, or conferences hosted throughout the year, they can indulge in diverse experiences as a tourist in the realm of the Kingdom, or as a pilgrim in its sacred places, all with a single visa during the same visit.

The Kingdom’s Alluring Appeal

The Kingdom has become a focal point of global attention; an ascendant and unique destination for all categories and levels. Visitors from all over the world flock to it throughout the year for various purposes, whether to perform Umrah or visit the Noble Prophet’s Mosque, enjoy tourism destinations and experiences, attend exhibitions, conferences and quality and global events, follow sports events, or perhaps visit family and friends.

Global Events

Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector highlights the numerous high-caliber events that the Kingdom has witnessed recently, while still awaiting the launch of many remarkable global events that attract millions of visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom. The upcoming weeks and months hold a plethora of new activities and events, including international conferences and exhibitions in various fields.

Exhibition Tourism

Exhibition and conference tourism is a fundamental component of the tourism sector in the Kingdom. The World Travel and Tourism Council anticipates the growth of the exhibition and conference tourism sector in Saudi Arabia by 11% annually over the next few years, making it the fastest-growing in the Middle East region.

Ease of Access

This increasing influx comes at a time when obtaining a visa and coming to the Kingdom has become easier, smoother, and safer than ever before. There are several types of visas available, all of which allow performing Umrah and visiting and touring all over the Kingdom. They include the Umrah visa, tourism visa, transit visa, and family and friends visa.

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A Truly Unique Destination

Saudi Arabia continues to emerge as a unique tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors from around the globe. Whether it’s the rich cultural heritage, the stunning landscapes, or the numerous attractions and events, Saudi Arabia truly has something for everyone.

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