Saudi Arabia suspends study in Qatif governorate for two weeks

Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia suspended study in schools and institutions of university and vocational education in Qatif for a period of two weeks, as of Sunday, March 8, 2020.

The Ministry emphasized that the decision to suspend studies in schools and institutions of university and vocational education in Qatif came based on the recommendation issued by the committee concerned with following up on the developments of the Corona virus, and based on the Ministry of Education’s concern for the safety of male and female students.

The relevant committee stated that it was decided to start the educational and administrative staff in each school, institute and college for their job duties, to follow the educational process and coordinate the procedures of distance education and respond to the inquiries of parents.

The Ministry of Education stressed the importance of adhering to health instructions to prevent corona virus and obtaining information from its official sources.

In the same context, the Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed the infection of two women with the Corona virus, one of them coming from Iran via Bahrain, and another woman coming from Iraq through the Emirates, and they did not disclose this at the outlet.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia rose to 7.

Moreover, the toll of those infected with the new coronavirus around the world exceeded the barrier of 100,000 people, as statistics confirmed that the number of confirmed cases of the virus worldwide has reached 103,725 cases so far.

The majority of these injuries were recorded in the continental part of China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.

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