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Saudi Arabia Strengthens Its Role in WTO

Saudi Arabia Strengthens its Role in WTO
An agreement between Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan

Saudi Arabia, a key player in global trade, has been actively involved in the World Trade Organization (WTO) since its accession.

As a member, the Kingdom has played a pivotal role in shaping international trade policies and fostering economic partnerships.

Bilateral Negotiations with Uzbekistan

Recently, a significant milestone was achieved in Saudi Arabia’s trade diplomacy. The Kingdom’s permanent representative to the WTO, Mr. Saqr Al-Muqbil, represented Dr. Majed Al-Qasabi in signing a crucial protocol agreement in Geneva.

This agreement marked the completion of bilateral negotiations with Uzbekistan regarding its accession to the WTO​​.

Geneva Protocol Agreement

The protocol signed in Geneva is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to global trade facilitation. It covers market entry for goods and services, playing a critical role in Uzbekistan’s path to WTO membership.

The presence of key figures like Aziz Orunov, Uzbekistan’s special representative on WTO issues, highlights the collaborative nature of these negotiations​​.

Uzbekistan’s Path to WTO Membership

Uzbekistan’s journey towards WTO membership has been long and complex. Beginning in 1994, the progress faced several stalls until recent years.

This agreement with Saudi Arabia, following an earlier negotiation completion with Georgia, is a significant step forward. It showcases Saudi Arabia’s role in supporting new members in navigating the complex requirements of WTO accession​​.

Saudi Arabia’s Global Trade Influence

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in such negotiations underscores its influence in global trade dynamics. The Kingdom does not only contribute to its economic interests but also aids in shaping a more inclusive and diverse global trade environment.

Looking Ahead

As Uzbekistan continues its negotiations, Saudi Arabia strengthens its global trade ties.

The importance of such bilateral agreements in fostering international cooperation and economic growth becomes increasingly evident.

Saudi Arabia’s role as a facilitator and leader in global trade discussions positions it as a key player in shaping the future of international commerce.

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s active participation in WTO negotiations, particularly with countries like Uzbekistan, illustrates its commitment to  economic cooperation.

This underscores the Kingdom’s strategic role in the international trade arena, further cementing its position as a global trade leader.

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