Saudi Arabia Participates in ITB Berlin Exhibition

Saudi Arabia participates in the ITB Berlin exhibition; the biggest and most important event on the global tourism agenda, through the “Spirit of Saudi” pavilion, the official identity of Saudi tourism under the supervision of the Saudi Tourism Authority.

Collaborative Effort

The pavilion’s collaboration with over 55 partners from within the Kingdom’s tourism sector illustrates a united front. It includes representatives from renowned destinations, travel organizers, luxury accommodations, and travel agencies. This collective effort is designed to showcase the best of Saudi tourism, fostering international partnerships and highlighting Saudi Arabia’s unique attractions.

Diversity and Culture

Spirit of Saudi” brings to ITB Berlin a vast array of tourism offerings, from the historic city of Jeddah to the mystical landscapes of AlUla and the pristine waters of the Red Sea. The initiative showcases the Kingdom’s depth of heritage, natural wonders, and cultural richness. It offers diverse tourism packages that cater to various interests.

Visionary Leadership

Minister Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib’s remarks underline the Kingdom’s strategic direction in enhancing its position on the global tourism map. Moreover, the early achievement of Vision 2030’s target is a testament to the sector’s dynamic growth and the government’s commitment to its ambitious tourism goals.

Promoting Saudi Values

The emphasis on Saudi hospitality and cultural heritage is a cornerstone of the Kingdom’s tourism strategy. These elements are integral to the Saudi identity and are pivotal in attracting tourists from around the world. Furthermore, the Kingdom’s hospitality is legendary, and its cultural offerings are rich and varied, providing a warm welcome to all visitors.

Strategic Growth and Connectivity

CEO Fahd Hamidaddin’s insights reveal the Kingdom’s strategic approach to international collaboration, particularly with European and German partners. The substantial increase in tourists from Europe, and Germany in particular, highlights the success of these efforts. The planned expansion of routes in 2024 demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s commitment to making the Kingdom more accessible to international visitors.

Future of Opportunities

Tourist arrivals and more flight routes mark a new era for Saudi tourism. This reflects the Kingdom’s efforts to boost tourism and align with economic goals.

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s ITB Berlin role highlights its global tourism ambitions. The Kingdom showcases its heritage and nature, ready to welcome visitors to explore its wonders.

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