Saudi Arabia is second in the world in the level of recovery from Covid-19

In the Nikkei index of recovery of “Covid 19,” Saudi Arabia was rated second in the world, along with China.

The Kingdom came in second place out of 121 countries in the index, which measures the ability to cope with coronavirus infections, immunization progress, and activity return.

The WHO’s Global Covid Index GCI, which combines evaluating the pandemic’s health effect and recovery indicators, ranks Saudi Arabia 13th out of 184 nations.

During the last period, the Kingdom was able to achieve many achievements in various fields, especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Saudi government has made continual efforts to protect the health and safety of citizens and inhabitants, utilizing all human and material resources.

Number of Corona virus infections in the Kingdom continues to decline during the past week

Corona cases were reported in 567 incidents across the Kingdom over the course of a week, down from 793 cases the week before.

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