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KSA discovers the oldest animal carving site in the world

An archaeological team in Saudi Arabia has revealed the oldest site in the world for carving life-size anthropomorphic animals.

The oldest animal carving site in the world is in the Kingdom

According to the report, the recently found “Camel Location” in Al-Jawf, in the country’s north, is the world’s earliest site for carving life-size anthropomorphic creatures.

A recent study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science said that the site of the camel, which is 7200 years old and nearly 8000 years old, includes 21 stereoscopic carvings, including 17 camels, two of the equine family, and another whose identity is not clear.

The site dates back to the Neolithic period, between 5200 and 5600 BC, and is characterized by a group of models of camels, in addition to animals of the equine family of life-size,

It was found that it differed in the methods of its implementation from the rock art known throughout the Kingdom, to stand out significantly from the rock from which it was carved in the form of a stereoscopic shape.

The archaeological models that were discovered at the site indicate the presence of distinctive stone industry, along with the remains of animal bones.

To know the history of the site with high accuracy, the scientific team used some scientific methods by analyzing the tools used in the sculpture, in addition to studying the effects of natural erosion and decomposition factors,

The radioactive multi-spectral analyzer and the thermal glow method were also used. Knowing the history of the site is one of the biggest challenges the team has faced.

The scientific results concluded that great efforts have been made to sculpt these anthropomorphic animals.

Some sculptors worked on it at different periods, as evidenced by the different sculpting techniques used.

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