Saudi Arabia increases attendance rate for sports games to 60% capacity

The Saudi Ministry of Sports announced that, based on updates issued by the authorities concerned with following up on the developments of the COVID-19 virus.

The capacity for mass attendance of sports competitions for the 2021-2022 sports season will be increased by no more than 60% of the capacity of the stands instead of 40%.

The ministry has made some updates and amendments to the protocol on the mechanism for the mass attendance of stadiums.

The updates include that attendance at various sports competitions is limited only to sports fans (over 12 years old) ad those who have completed obtaining (two doses) of the Corona vaccine approved by the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom, according to what appears in the case of the fan in the “Tawakulna” application.

The Ministry would also like to emphasize the necessity of continuing to apply important precautionary measures, such as distancing and wearing masks, during entry and exit, and other instructions that must be adhered to,

Provided that the concerned authorities follow up the implementation of this, and take the necessary action if any violations are detected, to preserve the safety of all.

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