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Saudi Arabia holds a ceremony to replace the Kiswah of Kaaba  

Saudi Arabia has held a ceremony was held to replace the Kiswah (covering) of Kaaba. The covering was transferred to the Kaaba with the advent of the new Hijri year. 

The Islamic world watched, in a live broadcast, the ceremony of replacing the covering, which took 4 hours. 

This is the first time to change the date of replacement to the beginning of the Hijri year . The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques oversaw the ceremony of replacing the kiswah. 

The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques supervises the weaving, embroidery and processing of the garment, through many different departments and modern machines. 

the number of workers in the manufacture of the dress of the Kaaba, are 220 manufacturers and administrators. 

The covering of the Kaaba is replaced at the beginning of the Hijri year with the “most expensive dress”, which is made of pure natural silk dyed black and decorated with Quranic verses and Islamic motifs embroidered with prominent gold embroidery. 

The height of the dress is 14 meters, and in the upper third of it there is a belt 95 centimeters wide, 47 meters long, and consisting of 16 pieces surrounded by a square of Islamic decoration. 

The kiswah consists of four pieces, each piece covering one side of the Kaaba, and the fifth piece is the curtain that is placed at the door. 

Its manufacture goes through several stages; The jacquard fabric is gathered to form the four sides of the kiswah, then the belt and curtain pieces are fixed to it in preparation for their installation over the Kaaba. 

History of Kaaba Kiswah

The covering of the Kaaba and its annual replacement are among the services that are customary, Muslims follow what the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH , and the Companions after him did. 

 It has been proven that after the conquest of Makkah in the ninth year of the Hijri year, the Prophet, in the Farewell Pilgrimage, covered the Kaaba with Yemeni clothes, and its expenses were from the Muslim treasury. 

 Over the years, the cladding had many shapes and specifications, and each era had a specific description that was distinguished by it, until the prosperous Saudi era came with its care for the Two Holy Mosques, its sanctities, and its purpose. 

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